Your Idea

Whether you are unsure or very clear about your design idea, our design team will work closely with you, discuss your ideas and offer guidance and advice with the view to creating a fabulous finished product. Our design team is Douglas Blair, Roddy Sheridan and Carla Price. Together we will go through any ideas you may have, photography from our latest commissions or the extensive range of photography we hold in stock to determine the best style to suit your requirements and spending limit. Furthermore, we have stunning finished jewellery pieces, mock settings and band styles to help you with your choices.  We also offer a Computer Aided Design (CAD) facility where this modern technology can be used to create an individual design for you. We strive to make sure that this process is as exciting, stress free, and as enjoyable as possible.

Diamond or Precious Stones Selection

We have privileged access to the finest diamonds available from the Worldwide Diamond Market.  With many years experience working in the diamond and precious stone industry we excel in sourcing the best stones in the marketplace to meet your requirements. We will work within your agreed spending limit and thus maximise the most from your money.

Once we have obtained the best diamonds or precious stones for you, we will invite you to view the loose stones. Blair and Sheridan understand that our customers are not necessarily diamond experts and this is why this stage of the process is very important.  We will educate you on the different gemological characteristics of each stone.  This way you can choose which diamond or precious stones you want  with confidence, knowing  that you have a sound understanding of what your are purchasing.  Furthermore, all centre piece diamonds sold from Blair and Sheridan come with a gemological certificate from industry recognised HRD, GIA, or IGI.

We purchase diamonds directly from the Worldwide Diamond Market.  Every supplier adheres to the Kimberley Process therefore guaranteeing all of our diamonds are conflict-free.

Design Approval

After you have selected the best diamonds or precious stones for your design, we will work closely with you  to finalise and approve the design concepts. At this stage of the process, we will ensure that all aspects of the design are agreed.  For example:  ring sizing, band width, setting type, choice of metal and any other points that require discussing.  You can receive a sketch of your design if you wish. This process ensures a smooth transition into production. Furthermore if you require a CAD design or digital rendering of your design this can also be provided.

Creation and Delivery

Each jewellery item requires hours of work, from the meticulous positioning of each diamond and coloured gemstone to the creation of the immaculate setting. The production of your bespoke, hand-made piece of jewellery will take a few weeks from design approval. We will work closely with you to to have your piece ready for a mutually agreed deadline. After this process you will be invited to collect your fabulous, bespoke, hand-made item of jewellery.