Over the last decade Blair and Sheridan has become well established as Glasgow’s leading bespoke engagement and wedding ring designer.  We have recently expanded our extensive range of crafting techniques to include bespoke Damascus steel wedding rings.  Aside from it’s extremely decorative patterned finish,  Damascus Steel is also known for its hard-wearing properties.  The Damascus steel ring is both scratch and corrosion resistant.  Blair and Sheridan are the only bespoke jeweller in Scotland that design and make Damascus steel wedding rings.

There are various historical and mythical links to Damascus steel adding to the allure of this ornate material.  Damascus blades and swords were said to make warriors and knights invincible in battle.  Damascus steel is a perfect choice for your bespoke wedding ring design as the material is extremely durable and,  much like diamonds,  each one is completely unique – the pattern of the metal cannot be recreated.  The ring is dipped in acetic acid to emphasize the patina,  this intensifies the patterning on your finished design.

See our very latest designs below featuring Damascus patterns Heimskringla,  Dense Twist,  Bluetongue Round and Bluetongue Flat.  Read more about the history of Damascus steel here.  If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of a bespoke Damascus steel wedding ring,  please get in touch here to book your one-to-one design consultation.