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Introducing Damascus steel bespoke rings by Blair and Sheridan

At Blair and Sheridan we pride ourselves in creating the most unique and individual designs when it comes to handmade,  unique rings and jewellery.  Our newest crafting technique comes in the form of Damascus steel which offers an entirely contemporary take on ring design by the way of Damascus steel bespoke wedding rings.  While an extremely durable and hardwearing material,  Damascus steel displays highly decorative and ornamental patterning.  With its ancient  – and at times mythical  –  associations we have explored a little of the rich history behind Damascus steel and how it has made its way onto the jewellers workbench.

Ornate and distinctively detailed markings easily distinguish Damascus steel  –  the swirling patterns appear in a wavey,  aqueous decoration.  These patterns are borne of the forging process which sees the many layers of metal that go through successive hammering,  bending and stretching.  With Arabian origin the term  ‘Damascus’  is derived from the Arabic word  ‘damas’  meaning  ‘watered’.  In many languages, Damascus blades are referred to as  ‘watered steel’.

Saladin the Great statue in Syria

Instrumental in the ‘Third Crusade’, warrior Saladin the Great was victorious in leading the Muslim military effort in 1189 – a bearer of a Damascus steel blade which was said to make Saladin invincible.

Damascus steel blades – preceded by their reputation

The nature of the metal composition and its newly formed layers gives Damascus steel a strength and durability that was highly revered for weaponry throughout the ages – as early as 500AD.  Rumours of  ‘unrivalled’  –  strength daggers,  swords and spears filtered to Europe via crusaders and pilgrims deeming the bearers of these weapons unbeatable.  Through generations of Celtic and Roman warriors,  Viking chieftans and Arabic emperors,  Damascus steel weaponry became notable as a sign of power and wealth,  with tales of the blades ability to:

  • slice a strand of hair or silk cloth that falls across the blade
  • cleave an armoured man in half with one strike
  • bend like rubber without breaking
  • retain their sharpness regardless of the amount of blows it delivered

Legend has it…

Fabled and mythical properties of aforementioned blades and swords  –  while perhaps not entirely with foundation  –  added to the attraction to this mysterious material.  Valyrian steel swords,  as referenced in Game of Thrones,  was said to be inspired by Damascus steel and allegedly forged with dragon fire and infused with magic spells…  Damascus steel also appeared in films Beowulf and Lord of the Rings as well as in the videogame Call of Duty.

Blair and Sheridan’s goldsmiths begin with a piece of Damascus solid bar and cut off a section close to the desired width of the designed ring

First drilling then boring out the centre of the Damascus bar sees the ring begin to take shape – after the desired acid etch, which creates the relief in the Damascus, soaking the ring in dilute acetic acid creates a darker patina

Damascus steel is a perfect choice for your bespoke wedding ring design as the material is extremely durable and,  much like diamonds,  each one is completely unique – the pattern of the metal cannot be recreated.  Personalise your wedding band further with laser engraved detailing – inscriptions such as dates,  names, initials, song lyrics even depictions of mountain ranges or island vistas are designs that we have created in the past.  To see Blair and Sheridan’s bespoke Damascus steel rings HERE.

At Blair and Sheridan we specialise in bespoke,  handmade engagement and wedding rings.  At an initial one-to-one personalised consultation we can find out exactly what you are looking for in your unique ring or jewellery design  –  taking into account timescale and budget.  View our latest ring designs online HERE and make your appointment easily via our contact form.