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Gem stones

Romancing the stone…. a jewellers courtship with Lab Grown diamonds

19th April 2022

What’s the difference between natural and Lab Grown diamonds?  There is only one –  and it is simply how they are created. Traditionally mined from the earth having been cultivated …

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Blair and Sheridan guide to diamond cuts blog post

The plus side to a heart of stone, our part II guide to diamond cuts reveals all

9th March 2020

Our last blog post introduced you to five of the most popular stone cuts that are used in diamond engagement rings today.   There are many factors to consider when looking …

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loose diamond stock image

The anatomy of a diamond, cutting to the chase

13th February 2020

With so much choice in shape, style and budget; when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring the possibilities really are endless.  Possibly the most important characteristic of the …

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colour swatches stock image

Happy new year, the future is bright – coloured stone jewellery for the new decade

9th January 2020

The Pantone official colour of the year is Classic Blue… described as a universal favourite which ‘instills calm, confidence and connection’.  While this gets us off to a comforting and …

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Mens Engagement Rings Glasgow, Scotland

Men’s Engagement Ring Demand Continues To Increase

24th May 2019

Men’s engagement rings are growing in popularity, and quite rightly so. Partly due to what LGBTQ+ couples have always known, that love has never followed traditional gender rules. Online searches …

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CAD jewellery Design

Offering our customers in-house 3D CAD in jewellery design

7th March 2019

At Blair and Sheridan we have recently been able to offer our customers 3D CAD in jewellery design through an in-house Computer Aided Design service to assist with their bespoke …

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Melting gold for a bespoke jewellery design

Melting Gold for a New Bespoke Jewellery Design

2nd October 2018

Here is an example of melting gold. This was from one of our customer’s existing pieces that we were able to melt down to create a bespoke jewellery design. If …

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Scotland’s Landscape Inspires Unique Ring Designs

19th May 2017

At Blair and Sheridan we are located less than an hour away from some of Scotland’s wildest and most beautiful locations. People travel from all over the world to see …

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Matching Your Engagement and Wedding Rings Together: Part 1

22nd February 2017

The shape, style and stone of your engagement ring and wedding rings or bands will have a strong personal meaning to you. So it is important that both rings match …

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Pear Cut Ruby 1.18ct in a Platinum Pavé Diamond Set Double Band with 2 x 0.20ct F VS Round Brilliant Diamonds.

Coloured Stones Specialists

18th January 2017

At Blair and Sheridan we are specialists in coloured precious stones. Many of our customers who ask for a bespoke coloured stone design like to wear it on their ring …

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