CAD jewellery Design

Offering our customers in-house 3D CAD in jewellery design

At Blair and Sheridan we have recently been able to offer our customers 3D CAD in jewellery design through an in-house Computer Aided Design service to assist with their bespoke designs.  We use this facility when we feel that a design is particularly intricate, has a complex shape and structure or has to match exactly into an existing shape of another piece of jewellery – for example we can create a wedding band to fit exactly alongside an unusually shaped engagement ring.

The CAD helps customers visualise their designs and gives them the option to alter it before we move it on to the next stage of manufacture.  We can send our customers computer-generated images of their designs from all different angles to give them as much information as possible.  One point to make is that these images are the actual shapes that we will cast into the chosen precious metal.  That’s why the claws and metal will appear to be a little chunky or protruding.  We require it to be like this so that we refine and file the metal accordingly at the finishing stages.  Furthermore, the claws will be set over the top of the diamonds and precious stones and subsequently filed back into a more aesthetic shape.

CAD is a state of the art,  efficient process of manufacturing some items of jewellery.  It cuts down on time and metal waste and we can be very accurate with minute detailing.

If you would like to know more about this service or if you have an interest in having a design made please get in touch with us on 0141 334 0557 or at