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Happy new year, the future is bright – coloured stone jewellery for the new decade

The Pantone official colour of the year is Classic Blue… described as a universal favourite which ‘instills calm, confidence and connection’.  While this gets us off to a comforting and very zen start to 2020 we’re ready to banish those January blues with the promise of an injection of colour trends, which is forecast for the start of this new decade. Coloured stone jewellery is no new concept, however, there is a definite resurgence of vibrant and bold underway and coloured diamonds, gemstones and mixed metals is the way forward.

These classic brights can be achieved by choosing the traditional precious gemstones, emerald, ruby and sapphire, however, coloured diamonds now offer you even more choice when it comes to creating your bespoke design with Blair and Sheridan jewellers. The natural elements and conditions that occur to form diamonds can result in a wonderfully broad palette of colours offering endless options in the creation of bespoke jewellery. Now providing unique and unusual options to anyone planning an engagement, coloured diamonds allow you to consider a plethora of shades while opting for a diamond ring that is unique to you.

Any colour… as long as its blue?

Oval 4.2ct Blood Orange Sapphire with 2 x 0.20ct F VS Round Brilliants in 18kt Yellow Gold Rub Over Settings

Blood orange sapphire and diamond trilogy ring in yellow gold

Lesser known for its range of colour options, sapphires in fact come in a multitude of shades making them a superb choice in your bespoke jewellery design. Traditionally blue in colour, sapphires also occur in a range of vibrant pink, purple and orange shades to paler yellow and green tones. Specifically hand selected for your design, a single sapphire can work well as a striking focal point on a solitaire ring or pendant.
Alternatively try pairing the sapphire with a cluster of diamonds on a vintage style halo ring or even flanked by two contrasting diamonds to form a beautiful trilogy ring.

The roaring twenties – second time round

Vintage design still being very popular in jewellery – think halo set rings, ornate vine leaf, floral detailing, mill-graining, luxurious materials and stones – how appropriate that the sumptuous, rich peacock shades of the roaring twenties has come full circle almost a century later. Likewise, the timeless draw of pearls is still very much on the horizon – their popularity heightened by Kate Middleton’s classic pearl pieces and newly engaged Emma Stone’s antique pearl ring. Also allowing for subtle hint of colour for those seeking a more neutral range of tones, pearls come in a variety of pastel hues. Ever popular with brides, coloured pearls make the prettiest stud earrings, delicate bracelets and beautiful necklaces for the big day.

Using colour with a muted palette

Yellow Sapphire 1.17ct in 18kt Yellow Gold Rub Over Setting with 18kt White Gold Spacer and 18kt Rose Gold Wedding Rings.

A mix of golds and a yellow sapphire create a colourful stacked ring

Achieving a pop of colour doesn’t have to be a brash statement – if classic, understated style is more your look this can be achieved with a choice of mixed precious metals and finishes to complement your choice of diamonds or gemstones. Platinum, palladium and white, red and yellow golds offer subtle coloured tones while oxidized, brushed, rhodium plating, and matt finishes expand the effect of these shades.  Mixed metal is a popular choice among couples designing their wedding bands – often incorporating an heirloom ring, precious stone or piece of jewellery.

A rainbow of possibilities

So, to sum up here’s our top tips for introducing a welcome burst of colour – or a subtle hint – to your coloured stone jewellery for the new twenties:

  • Coloured stones – consider a cluster of matching or contrasting shades
  • Unique and completely one-off coloured diamonds
  • Mixed precious metals and finishes – choosing from coloured golds, platinum and palladium
  • Bold and bright – a vibrant centre stone for a bespoke ring or pendant necklace
  • Engagement ring with a difference – make a statement with a coloured stone

Whether its mixed metals, beautifully delicate pearls or an array of rainbow coloured diamonds and gemstones 2020 is set to be the year of colour!