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Men’s Engagement Ring Demand Continues To Increase

Men’s engagement rings are growing in popularity, and quite rightly so. Partly due to what LGBTQ+ couples have always known, that love has never followed traditional gender rules. Online searches for male engagement rings in the last year have shown an increase in 60% on the previous year. Demand is increasing and the trend is continuing. And why should one partner miss out on the chance to proudly display their love and the commitment that they have both made?

Engagement Rings For Gay and Straight Men

Tom Daley and boyfriend Dustin Lance Black engagement rings

Tom Daley and boyfriend Dustin Lance Black have exchanged engagement rings

Couples such as Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have changed how many view a men’s engagement ring and they have taken it as a chance to bring proposals into the 21st Century. And, it’s not just for LGBTQ+ couples; Ed Sheeran showed off his engagement ring in 2018 at the Brit Awards, that his fiancé Cherry Seaborn specially made for him.

Presenting a men’s engagement ring as part of a modern engagement celebration is growing in popularity. Having said that, most High Street jewellers still don’t offer many engagement rings for men. As usual, the mainstream community has been slow to offer all couples the ability to express their love, and therefore the choice of men’s engagement rings is often limited to ‘repurposing’ a plain wedding band. This is a missed opportunity to celebrate your proposal as a significant and unique occasion in its own right.

At Blair and Sheridan, we’re specialists in bespoke men’s engagement rings, creating unique designs and rings that are meaningful for both you and your partner.

Can You Get Male Engagement Rings?

One of our bespoke men's engagement rings.

One of our bespoke men’s engagement rings. We can help create the perfect rings for perfect occassions

Since buying mens engagement rings is a newer trend in the UK, USA and Europe, they are becoming more available to buy on the high street off the shelf. However, if you want to let your imagination and creativity loose, you can have a bespoke design men’s engagement ring. Civil partnership engagement rings are a fantastic opportunity to allow couples to express very personal ideas and styles while retaining the tradition of wearing a plain wedding band later. With male engagement rings, you can express more character than with traditional wedding bands alone and produce a bold statement of your love and fidelity that you can both wear forever – particularly with a unique design.

We help couples design matching rings to emphasise their togetherness.  You can also choose to create complementary pieces for each of you, which reflect the individual characteristics that you and your partner bring to your relationship. We’d be delighted to work with you both to create male engagement rings that match your exact specifications of design and at an agreed, affordable cost. Incredibly, it’s more affordable than you think to get a custom made ring, compared to mass-produced high street rings, as we have low overheads, and no large marketing spends. Plus we deal directly with diamond and precious metal suppliers worldwide,  thus cutting out middlemen.

Our full service, includes offering guidance and expert advice with a view to creating stunning finished rings in a process that is exciting, stress-free, enjoyable, and above all, celebratory.

Expert Engagement Rings for Men Taking Off In UK

Rest assured, whichever design you have in mind (our design team can help explore creative ideas with you), Blair and Sheridan will create your ring or rings with meticulous attention to detail. We design, plan and create male engagement rings with or without precious stones, including traditional or contemporary casts or precious metals of your choosing. For example, you can have a platinum ring set with an individual stone or a gold ring with multiple stones mounted in a channel setting. Consider a two-tone ring or nature inspired rings – we have designed a Scottish mountain range ring before – the options are only limited by imagination!

Why not contact us to have a chat and free advice, or to book an appointment. We can help design your perfect engagement rings. Visit our men’s engagement rings page for examples of rings we have already custom made for clients.