At Blair and Sheridan we are seeing an increase in customers seeking a bespoke men’s engagement ring.  This reflects how both men and women are now choosing to celebrate equality in their marriage proposals.

A bespoke men’s engagement ring brings the idea of a traditional proposal right up-to-date.  Whether it’s for same sex couples or women and men who want to share equally in their engagement.  Commissioning a man’s engagement ring is a symbol of your bond of engagement and fidelity being a partnership of equals.  Book a one-to-one design consultation easily online here.

Please note the gallery shows a selection of bespoke designs we have created for previous customers.  Any engagement ring design you see below can be made in accordance with your spending limit depending on the precious metals and precious stones that we use.

Breaking with tradition?

Male engagement rings may be less common in the UK but are they are not an entirely new concept.  Having a man’s engagement ring is a long standing tradition in many countries including Argentina and Chile.  Here it is common for both partners to wear engagement rings to express their love and commitment to each other.  While it may be a simple case of breaking with tradition, regardless of the reasons, more couples are choosing to both wear engagement rings.

This tradition is spreading, as a male engagement ring indicates the importance that modern couples are placing on egalitarian relationships.  The idea being that both partners are proud to be engaged and to display this through the wearing of rings.  This year, social media posts of inspiration for men’s engagement rings are up by 280%.

A bespoke men’s engagement ring is a great opportunity for couples to express very personal ideas and styles while retaining the tradition of wearing a plain wedding band later.  A male engagement ring is often a band of precious metal embellished with stones or engraved around the circumference.  Inspiration can come from such diverse places as music, landscape, history and nature.  At Blair and Sheridan we will help you to design beautiful,  bespoke male engagement rings that are meaningful to you and your partner.  We have previously incorporated detailed mountain views, musical lyrics or traditional symbols of fidelity onto engagement rings for men.

As with women’s engagement rings, both partners can be equally involved in the jewellery design process thereby creating a unique statement of their togetherness. So, if you want to celebrate your proposal as equal partners and express your creativity, please contact us to discuss your ideas further.