Emerald and Asscher Cut diamonds are the epitome of Art Deco, vintage or antique style jewellery design.  They are very versatile in their form and with their geometric qualities also work superbly well in more contemporary designs.  Parallel and perpendicular lines in their facet structure gives them the unique ‘hall of mirrors’ look.  Learn more about the this cut as well as a range of others in our blog posts about diamond cuts here and here.

You may have already decided on an Emerald Cut diamond for a bespoke engagement ring,  however, there is so much more to think about.  The setting, choice of metal, carat size and ring size are just a few points to consider.  At Blair and Sheridan we will guide you through the journey step by step through a one-to-one consultation.  You can easily book your appointment online here.  The gallery below shows a selection of commissions we have designed and made using Emerald,  Asscher and similar in appearance; Carre cut diamonds.  At Blair and Sheridan we work with natural diamonds as well as Lab Grown Diamonds, offering you even more choice.  Learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds here.

Please note the gallery shows a selection of bespoke designs we have created for previous customers.  Any engagement ring design you see below can be made in accordance with your spending limit depending on the precious metals and precious stones that we use.