With the same facet structure to Round Brilliant Cut, Cushion cut diamonds are very lively and bright in appearance.  They come in square or rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges hence their ‘cushion’ shape.  These stones often appeal to our customers who are looking for an antique or vintage look to their jewellery design.  Furthermore, the shape of the Cushion Cut provides a half way house look between a Princess and Round Brilliant Cut diamond.  With a semi-geometrical appearance the Cushion Cut works superbly well in halo style engagement ring designs.  In short, Cushion Cut diamonds are a timeless and classic cut which lend themselves well to bespoke engagement ring designs.

The modern day Cushion Cut originates from ‘old mine cut’ diamonds which were sourced in Brazil and India.  Old Mine Cut diamonds date back to the 18th century and,  unlike modern diamonds,  were cut by hand.

Our previous commissions for Cushion Cut rings vary greatly in style and design.  We have also crafted rings with coloured as well as Lab Grown  Cushion Cut diamonds.  Learn more about the different cuts of diamonds here.  If you are looking to have an engagement ring commissioned featuring a Cushion Cut diamond then get in touch to arrange your one-to-one design consultation.

Please note the gallery shows a selection of bespoke designs we have created for previous customers.  Any engagement ring design you see below can be made in accordance with your spending limit depending on the precious metals and precious stones that we use.