The Princess Cut is one of the newest diamond cuts,  first developed in 1980.  This cut of diamond appeals to many of our customers seeking a geometric,  contemporary design for their engagement ring.  Solitaire diamond engagement rings work particularly well with Princess Cut stones as well as a trilogy design teamed with angular-shaped side stones.  Smaller Princess Cuts or baguettes make a perfect pairing as side stones as they have similar qualities.  A Princess Cut diamond engagement ring is instantly recognisable for its clean lines and intense sparkle.  It possesses the most brilliance in comparison to other geometric square cuts.

Due to the larger surface area on the top of a Princess Cut diamond,  they appear larger when placed on the hand.  Learn more about Princess Cut diamonds as well as other diamond cuts here.

At Blair and Sheridan we offer traditional natural diamonds as well as Lab Grown diamonds.  We guide you through the entire journey at your one-to-one design consultation and you can hand select your diamond prior to stone setting.  You can easily book your appointment online here.

Please note the gallery shows a selection of bespoke designs we have created for previous customers.  Any engagement ring design you see below can be made in accordance with your spending limit depending on the precious metals and precious stones that we use.