Pear and Marquise cut diamonds have the same facet structure as Round Brilliant Cut diamonds.  Therefore, they are very lively and bright stones.  In addition, due to their shape, they tend to suit someone who has longer fingers or wishes to have an elongated look to their engagement ring design.  The processes used to create a Pear or Marquise diamond leaves a larger surface area to the stone.  This makes they look much bigger than Round Brilliant cut diamonds of a similar carat weight.  We have some stunning examples of previous designs that we’ve made incorporating this cut of diamond simply set as a solitaire or with side diamonds or diamonds set into the band.

Learn more about these cuts of diamonds,  as well as other styles,  here.  Blair and Sheridan hand select diamonds specific to your design requirements. We work with traditional natural diamonds as well as Lab Grown Diamonds.  We guide you through the journey of your bespoke design with the first step being a one-to-one consultation. You can easily book your appointment online here.

Please note the gallery shows a selection of bespoke designs we have created for previous customers.  Any engagement ring design you see below can be made in accordance with your spending limit depending on the precious metals and precious stones that we use.