Scotland’s Landscape Inspires Unique Ring Designs

At Blair and Sheridan we are located less than an hour away from some of Scotland’s wildest and most beautiful locations. People travel from all over the world to see snow-peaked mountains in the Cairngorms or the sun-soaked glens in the Highlands. Over the centuries, our landscapes have been the inspiration for paintings, music and romantic poetry.

This makes Scotland the perfect proposal spot for many couples and the ideal inspiration for unique wedding rings. We are here to help you create stunning landscape inspired jewellery that is meaningful to you and your partner.

Whether you have lived here all your life, or you’re just visiting, it’s not long before these landscapes find a permanent place in our hearts. Many of our customers have wanted to solidify this sentiment with their wedding rings.

Here are three of our favourite designs:

Gents 18kt White Gold and Yellow Gold Chamfered Edges Pictish Runes


Our customer Mike brought in the Pictish image on the left as a starting point for what the ring design would look like. It is a symbol known as the ‘Crescent V-rod’ – can you see how it looks like a crescent moon turned on its side?  The Crescent V-rod appears on many standing stones and crosses throughout Scotland. It most likely helped farmers to grow crops, as the Farmers Alamanac relies on the lunar cycle for success.

As you can see from the completed ring on the right, Mike wanted to emphasise the spiral detail in the centre. This unique detail is engraved around the circumference of the wedding band.

Gents 6mm Palladium Wedding Ring with Hand Engraved View of Arthur’s Seat


This ring is a view of Arthur’s Seat from the perspective of Calton Hill. The lyrics ‘you are my mountain, you are my sea’, from Biffy Clyro song ‘Mountains’are also engraved onto the inside of the ring.

Our customer Rob proposed to his partner on Calton Hill. It is no wonder that this is a popular location for proposals – situated on the site of an ancient volcano, this set of hills offers spectacular view of Edinburgh.

We are sure many couples would agree that hill-walking is a definite bonding activity!

Gents 18kt White Gold with Scottish Mountain Range Detail

The mountain range in the ring detail is The Ochil Hills. Historically these hills were a gateway to the Highlands and the 1715 Jacobite Rising, recently made famous again worldwide by Outlander, took place in the northern slopes.

This design resembles our customer’s view of the hills from his window in Stirlingshire. Our hand engraver has taken great care in etching the rolling curves and peaks onto the ring.

Have these stories and images made you think of a location that is close to you heart?

If there is a special place that you would like to have engraved onto a piece of unique jewellery, please contact us to discuss your ideas further.