Bespoke two tone hinged ring with diamond by Blair and Sheridan

Bespoke hinged rings – unique craftsmanship by Blair and Sheridan

At Blair and Sheridan we believe that beautifully designed bespoke jewellery is for everyone.  With our business spanning over 12 years we have had the pleasure of working alongside innumerable couples in the design of their engagement and wedding ring designs.  An uncommon, yet apparent issue has been that arthritis sufferers – or anyone with larger knuckles/joints or a historic hand injury –  can find it difficult to wear any type of ring.  Here at Blair and Sheridan we have created a unique, made to measure solution.

The effects of arthritis mean that swollen knuckles and joints make some day-to-day tasks quite difficult.  Likewise,  anyone with hand injuries which alter dexterity can be faced with similar motor-related issues. There are various items of adaptive equipment available for people who live with these conditions, however, the assumption that you simply cannot wear rings is a common misconception.  Utilising the skills of our expert in-house CAD team we can offer a revolutionary, unique hinged ring.  The intricate mechanism is designed to each individual ring – suitable for engagement, wedding and dress designs – and completely exclusive to Blair and Sheridan.

Following your one-to-one design consultation with our design team, Blair and Sheridan’s in-house Computer Aided Design specialists take over.  The hinged shank provides a practical solution which makes the ring both easy to remove and comfortable to wear while entirely secure.  The fastening can be either a discreet ‘button’ on the underside of the band or, for a flush look, a hidden pinhole that requires a small tool to click the hinge open.

Blair and Sheridan hinged ring design incorporating an engagement, wedding and eternity rings into one piece

Features of a bespoke hinged ring

  • It is entirely possible to include diamonds and stones in a hinged ring
  • The width of the band must be a minimum of 2.5mm
  • A band thickness of 2mm is required to incorporate a hinge
  • A hinge mechanism can be formed in yellow gold, white gold or platinum
  • An existing ring may be remodelled to incorporate a hinge
  • Either a ‘button’ or a ‘pinhole’ fastening are the options for closure depending on the finish you would like

Due to the amount of detail and workmanship involved in designing and making a bespoke hinged ring,  as a guide it would take approximately 10 weeks from initial consultation to completion of your design.  As a first step we would invite you for a personal one-to-one appointment to discuss your requirements and expectations.  At this stage we come up with drawings as to what your design may look like and we have resin models of hinged rings on display to show exactly how these are made.

Blair and Sheridan bespoke gents hinged wedding rings

Whether you are seeking a brand new ring commission or looking to have existing rings remodelled to incorporate a hinge opening,  get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your ideas.