bespoke eternity rings blog post

Beautifully bespoke Eternity Rings to be treasured forever

Eternity: without beginning or end, forever, always, timeless…

Whether it’s to mark a milestone in a relationship, a special anniversary or the arrival of a new baby; a bespoke eternity ring remains a revered gift between partners.  The concept of the eternity ring dates back to Egyptian times where they were gifted as a token of eternal love and life (not necessarily to mark a special occasion).  Much like wedding and engagement rings,  the idea of the endless circle represented a couples everlasting love for one another.

Modern day diamond/stone encrusted eternity rings have only been around for about 70 years after being introduced by British diamond company DeBeers in the 1960s.  The idea of rededicating your love for one another after a decade of marriage,  traditionally a full diamond set band was gifted and placed on top of the engagement and wedding rings.

A modern twist…

Fast forward to the 21st century and the so-called rules and traditions are more open to interpretation so when it comes to the design of the eternity ring, when you gift it and how you wear it…  there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’!   Early style eternity rings would consist of a complete band of diamonds, known as a ‘full’ eternity ring.  A ‘half’ eternity ring is another option – giving you more scope with larger stones and variation in design.  The meaning behind a diamond is ‘eternity’,  however,  coloured diamonds,  rubies,  emeralds,  sapphires and other precious stones are also suitable in the creation of your ring.

Ladies Full Diamond Eternity Ring, Platinum Tension Set with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds 0.87ct Total, Swirl Design

Tension set diamonds in a platinum twist detail design

Ladies Diamond and Sapphire Dress Ring, Platinum Channel Set Design, Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, 0.10ct (8), Round Brilliant Cut Sapphires, 0.15ct (9)

Sapphires & diamonds channel set in platinum

Ladies Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ring, Yellow Gold Channel Set Design, 3,5mm Rubies and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Yellow gold design with alternate rubies & diamonds

Ladies Black Diamond Eternity Ring, Platinum Channel Set Design, Princess Cut Black Diamonds, 3mm (7), Princess Cut Diamond, 3mm, F Colour, VS Clarity

Contrasting white & black princess cut diamond design




From here to eternity

At Blair and Sheridan we have a raft of commissions on display in our online gallery.  Many customers have an idea of what they are looking for design-wise, however, we can help guide you and talk you through precious stone and metal selection as well as the design of your eternity ring.

Points to consider:

  • While it is relatively straightforward to re-size wedding/engagement/dress rings, the multi stone setting of an eternity ring makes it a bit trickier to re-size. This means it is important to be accurately sized from the outset prior to being made.
  • If the wearer intends to stack their new eternity ring alongside wedding and engagement rings then any unusual shapes should be taken into consideration at the design stage. Also, precious metal choice would likely match existing rings – so find out what these are if you are planning a surprise gift!
  • A right hand dress or eternity ring gives you more scope in the choice of metals and diamonds / precious stones as you are not trying to tie in or match with existing pieces.
Platinum Baguette Cut Ruby 2.69ct and Diamond 2.16ct Double Row Eternity Ring.

Double row ruby & diamond channel set platinum eternity ring

Ladies Eternity Ring, 9kt Yellow Gold Secret Set Design with Round Rubies, Sapphire and Emeralds in a Hammered Finish

Secret set rubies, sapphires & emeralds in yellow gold

Ladies Diamond Sapphire and Amethyst Ring, 18kt Yellow Gold Rub over & Bead Set Design, Marquise Cut Diamond 0.10ct F Colour VS Clarity Minimum, Marquise Cut Sapphires, 0.33ct (2). Round Brilliant Cut Sapphires, 0.16ct (2). Round Brilliant Cut Amethysts, 0.12ct (2)

A marquise cut diamond, sapphire & amethyst ring

Platinum Channel Set Design. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Approximately 0.55ct (5). F Colour, SI Clarity Minimum. Round Brilliant Cut Emerald, 3mm. Round Brilliant Cut Ruby, 3mm.

5 diamonds, single emerald & ruby in a platinum design


Blair and Sheridan are Scotland’s leading bespoke jeweller working both with traditional natural diamonds and Lab Grown diamonds. This offers you even more options in the creation of your design – learn more about Lab Grown diamonds here. Your eternity ring design can include all diamonds, all coloured gemstones or a mix of both, our designs – with your input and personal touches – are as individual as you are!


If you would like to make an appointment to discuss bespoke eternity rings – or any other commissioned ring or jewellery – you can easily book online here.  We offer remote consultations for anyone who cannot come and see us in person.