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Caring for your treasured jewellery; something old, something new…

Whether a dazzling new engagement ring, a wedding band you’ve never taken off or an heirloom piece that’s been passed down generations and is rarely out of its box – your treasured jewellery needs a bit of TLC!!

Here at Blair and Sheridan we want you to cherish your beautiful bespoke jewellery forever – just as much as the day you got it.  With a few simple steps you can be sure that your precious items never lose their sparkle.

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You can care for your bespoke items of jewellery at home using our tips below

Basic care at home

Periodic cleaning of your jewellery will ensure its kept in immaculate condition.  Be sure to avoid any sort of abrasive or chlorine-based household cleaners, toothpaste or bleach etc to care for your jewellery as these can cause damage to diamond settings and precious metals.

Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, Silver and Diamond jewellery can easily be cleaned at home using simple methods:

  • Soak your jewellery in hot soapy water for 15-20 minutes –
    mild dish soap is fine
  • Using a light bristled brush (a soft toothbrush is ideal)
    to scrub away any residue build up
  • Be particularly gentle with delicate settings and older pieces of jewellery
  • Ensure all stones are in place before rinsing
  • Rinse off and polish your item using a soft, dry, lint free cloth

If you require specialist advice about caring for coloured gemstone jewellery please get in touch with us directly.  The composition of some gems may require alternative aftercare.  It’s worth noting that excessive use of hand sanitisers can dull the radiance and shine of rings and there may be a build up of residue under stones and settings but will not cause any lasting damage.  Regular cleaning as above will ensure your rings retain their brilliance.

Over time older pieces or estate jewellery may encounter damage or breakage.  Our expert goldsmiths at Blair and Sheridan are happy to help if you are looking to repair or remodel an item.  Get in touch to find out where to start.


Heirloom and inherited jewellery

While throwback styles and timeless designs can still be very wearable you might choose to breathe some life into an old piece of jewellery that you cannot bear to part with.

We can assist you with how to remodel these precious pieces into beautiful bespoke designs that you will want to wear again and again. Revive antique diamonds or gemstones by teaming them up with beautiful new coloured stones.  Modern settings and precious metals can set off your cherished heirlooms giving them a new lease of life.  An old pendant, earrings or even cufflinks can be incorporated into a radiant new dress ring, wedding bands or create a new treasure to pass on to your own family.

At Blair and Sheridan we can guide you through every step of jewellery aftercare and advice as well as working with older pieces.  We are currently open for business and can see you for a one-to-one consultation or alternatively a virtual meeting.