John and Linda’s Testimonial

I met Linda at school 47 years ago when she was 15 and I was 17. We dated for a few months and then split up and went our separate ways. We met again 37 years later, both having been married and had children. Our relationship was rekindled and love flourished. I proposed to Linda by the Eiffel Tower and we decided we wanted rings that were unique. Linda spent many hours searching the web and found Blair and Sheridan. I questioned the need to travel to Glasgow, from Essex, to buy rings but Linda was very persuasive and we enjoyed a long weekend exploring the city. The highlight of which was a visit to Blair and Sheridan.  Roddy and Douglas made the process of designing our rings very enjoyable and the whole experience was so much nicer than going to an impersonal high street shop. We spent a couple of hours learning about diamonds, how they are best set and what precious metal is most appropriate, which made it a memorable experience. We went in to buy an engagement ring but were so impressed we ended up buying two wedding rings as well.