Blair and Sheridan Chairs

New Bespoke Chairs Handmade for Blair and Sheridan by Joachim King

We have received our new beautifully hand crafted chairs for our consultation area. Designed and made by Glasgow’s local master craftsman Joachim King. The chairs match beautifully with all our other bespoke one off pieces he has made for us.  Here is some information from his home page.

“Joachim is a designer and cabinetmaker based in Glasgow. He strives to bring new and unusual forms to the functions of furniture and draws on experience of modern manufacturing processes and computer aided design to produce intricate and high quality pieces. He has developed range of lamps and lampshades using GLOgrain, an innovative lighting material.

He designs both speculative exhibition pieces and commissions and works on projects of all sizes.

Work Includes: Bespoke Fitted Kitchens, Bookcases, Wardrobes, Fitted Furniture, Shop Furniture, Cabinetmaking, Furniture Design, Carving, Turning, Lighting, Boxmaking, Bespoke Windows and Doors, Specialist Joinery.”

Blair and Sheridan Chairs