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Pressing engagements – when, how and where to propose…

When you know you know…  if you have met ‘the one’ and are planning a forever future with your partner you may be considering proposing to him/her in the not too distant future.  This long standing custom is the first step towards marriage but why, where and when should you ‘pop the question’?  Join us to delve into the history and traditions of the wedding proposal and give you some inspiration of how to go about asking for your loved ones hand in marriage…

Location, location, location…

Blair and Sheridan bespoke engagement ring proposal

It was on the cards!

The top of the Eiffel Tower is probably the most iconic setting that comes to mind when you think of wedding proposals.  With it’s reputation for the most romantic city in the world it’s easy to see why…  but don’t go booking flights just yet!  Many people hold places much closer to home very close to their heart and this could be the ideal place to consider first.  Where you first met,  had your first date or somewhere that is just special to you both may be perfect.  If you have known each other for a long time perhaps a location from your childhood that brings back happy memories would be the perfect setting.

With its rugged scenery, stunning sunsets and romantic history; there’s no place like home, right here in Bonny Scotland,  to contemplate getting down on one (kilted) knee.  The top 5 romantic spots to propose in Scotland are:

Blair and Sheridan bespoke engagement ring proposal

The weather didn’t rain on this happy couple’s parade

1. Eilean Donan Castle – one of the most photographed castles in Scotland resting on its own tiny island (Eilean Donan Island) & flanked by three sea lochs.
*hint – as a popular tourist attraction it can get busy here so arrive at dawn or dusk for a bit of privacy!

2.  Ben Nevis – literally with your head in the clouds and stunning 360 degree views you can’t go wrong.
*hint – check out Ben A’an, The Cobbler or The Whangie for a less challenging climb

3.  Glen Coe – a huge draw for anyone seeking a dramatic backdrop to ask for their hand in marriage!  Even on a less favourable day weather-wise,  Glen Coe holds its own as Scotland’s most romantic Glen.
*hint – with several parking bays and stopping points to choose from, perhaps do a recce first to plan ahead.

Blair and Sheridan bespoke engagement ring beach proposal

She said yes!

4.  Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – the iconic Fairy Pools would be an unforgettable location surrounded by rolling hills and perhaps even a dip in the icy waterfalls (if that’s your thing!).
*hint – again, this spot can get busy so choose your time wisely.  You are spoiled for choice with natural attractions in Skye though so also consider the magical Fairy Glen, Kilt Rock, Elgol or (a little off the beaten track) the beautiful Coral Beach.

5.  Hit the beach! – with it’s endless sandy coastline and wealth of pretty islands the only problem in Scotland is picking which beach to head to…
A few top rated Scottish beaches are Sandwood Bay,  Camusdarach,  Luskentyre,  Balnakeil,  and Sanna Bay.
*hint – pack a picnic,  blanket and a towel,  you can’t go wrong.

Out of the blue or on a marked occasion

While the proposal in itself is an occasion all of its own, some people opt for Christmas day, New years eve, a birthday/anniversary or Valentines day.  December is the most common month for engagements in the UK, with Christmas day being the most popular day for a proposal.  Ultimately your should propose when you are ready and when it is personal and meaning to you (both).

Make a song and dance about it

Ok, this may be considered a bold move by some, however, this is becoming more popular and often involves quite elaborate and grandiose displays (think flash mob / in front of a theatre / at a family gathering).  Only you know your loved one well enough to be aware whether they would appreciate this type of gesture as opposed to a more intimate affair!  If this sounds like your cup of tea,  be sure to make sure someone is (discreetly) capturing it on film or hire a photographer!

Unusual traditions from around the world:

Of course the presenting and wearing of an engagement ring is the most well known of all traditions, however, there are many unusual and surprising customs from around the world which you may not have heard of…

  • In Ghana a ‘knocking ceremony’ takes place a week AFTER the wedding where the groom and his family family knock the door of the bride to inform her family of the grooms intention to wed her.
  • It is common in many Scandinavian countries to place an engagement ring on your right hand, not your left – and for both partners to wear a ring.  While in Syria, Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon the engagement ring is worn on the right hand and moved to the left hand during the wedding ceremony.
  • When the French propose,  it is without a ring – then permission is sought from the father in law –  only then can the couple shop for an engagement ring together.  Finally,  the diamond can only then be worn after it is gifted to her at a gathering of friends and family.
  • Fijian men are traditionally expected to present their partners father with a whale’s tooth – known as a tauba –  when they ask his permission to marry their son/daughter.  While not necessarily an arranged marriage, the wedding that follows is seen as the coming together of two groups (or clans) that are socially and economically related to one another as opposed to just being about the two individuals.
  • In China,  among many customs,  you should never propose or marry on the 4th day of a month.  This is considered an unlucky date!

Now for the wow factor

Ultimately there is no right and wrong when it comes to asking someone to marry you.  You know your partner best and when the time is right.  If this sounds like you then you have probably started to have a think about the all important ring!  Again, anything goes with regards to design – diamonds, coloured stones (or both!), a solitaire, halo, princess cut, oval cut, trilogy…. the list and options are literally endless.

Bespoke engagement ring design by Blair and Sheridan Diamonds Design Workshop, Glasgow

Here at Blair and Sheridan we can guide you through the entire process while explaining everything from diamond cuts and precious metals to timescale, budget and stone selection.  So if you are considering proposing – whether you know exactly what you are looking for or seeking inspiration – get in touch today for a one to one consultation with our expert designers  –  discover the perfect engagement ring, unique to you.