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Blair and Sheridan bespoke rings and jewellery Glasgow

Bespoke rings and jewellery by Blair and Sheridan… how to begin commissioning your dream design

9th November 2023

You may be considering a proposal… seeking the perfect gift for a milestone birthday/anniversary… or simply lusting after a unique jewellery design that is truly personal to you.  There has …

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Blair and Sheridan in-house goldsmith working with Lab Grown diamonds

Diamonds are forever, so why wait?

26th August 2020

If you have been looking into engagement rings or bespoke jewellery lately then you have very likely came across ‘Lab Grown’ diamonds.   Far from being the new kid on the …

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Blair and Sheridan guide to diamond cuts blog post

The plus side to a heart of stone, our part II guide to diamond cuts reveals all

9th March 2020

Our last blog post introduced you to five of the most popular stone cuts that are used in diamond engagement rings today.   There are many factors to consider when looking …

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