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Gem stones

Romancing the stone…. a jewellers courtship with Lab Grown diamonds

19th April 2022

What’s the difference between natural and Lab Grown diamonds?  There is only one –  and it is simply how they are created. Traditionally mined from the earth having been cultivated …

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Bespoke jewellery, the process of commissioning your diamond design with Blair and Sheridan diamond design workshop

From bench to box – the journey of bespoke ring and jewellery commissions

7th September 2021

As a visitor to our website you probably already know that Blair and Sheridan specialise in diamonds and the design of exquisite and quite spectacular handmade jewellery… But we wanted …

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Blair and Sheridan in-house goldsmith working with Lab Grown diamonds

Diamonds are forever, so why wait?

26th August 2020

If you have been looking into engagement rings or bespoke jewellery lately then you have very likely came across ‘Lab Grown’ diamonds.   Far from being the new kid on the …

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