Bespoke jewellery, the process of commissioning your diamond design with Blair and Sheridan diamond design workshop

From bench to box – the journey of bespoke ring and jewellery commissions

As a visitor to our website you probably already know that Blair and Sheridan specialise in diamonds and the design of exquisite and quite spectacular handmade jewellery… But we wanted to let you see the process for yourself and share the journey of a couple of customer commissions from initial drawings through to final sparkling pieces!  Our service and expertise is second to none when it comes to the commission bespoke jewellery and rings.

At a one-to-one design consultation where we discuss your ideas and form some sketched ideas,  the design process begins.  Your tailor made rings and jewellery are completed entirely in-house by our experienced design and goldsmith team incorporating the latest in jewellery making techniques and CAD technology.  You are involved as much or as little as you would like and we can incorporate any personal touches such as engraving initials,  dates,  song lyrics or something more unusual such as mountain range!  Literally anything is possible.  Choosing from the finest diamonds,  Lab Grown diamonds and coloured precious stones from around the world your custom made design will be completely unique to you.

Below we showcase two unique ring designs that display how we work with you and the process that creates stunning end results…


bespoke rings descriptionsbespoke ring sketches by Blair and Sheridan

using CAD in bespoke rings and jewellery design at Blair and Sheridanhinged ring for arthritic hands and CAD graphic of bespoke ring

finished design of bespoke ringsbespoke rings caption text

Blair and Sheridan bespoke rings commission details



Our friendly team are able to see you in person or remotely via Zoom/email for a personal design consultation.  We understand that to commission bespoke jewellery and rings can be daunting but we will guide you through the entire process and can answer any questions you may have along the way.  You have the option to view diamonds, Lab Grown diamonds or coloured stones prior to the stone setting taking place so you can be completely happy before completion.

If you have any questions about having a ring or other piece of jewellery designed and made at Blair and Sheridan please get in touch here.